NEW! Milo's Gluten Free Mix 300g

NEW! Milo's Gluten Free Mix 300g

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Milos Gluten Free Mix 300g! Milo created a delicious mix for all the gluten intolerant sweet lovers, packed with your all time favourite sweets, from the worlds biggest brands! Consisting of over 13 different types which includes an assortment of plain, fizzy & sour sweets!

Milos Gluten Free Mix Contains:

Fizzy Strawberries, Jelly Sharks, Sour Dummies, Raspberry Bon Bons, Baby Dolphins, Vanilla Fudge, Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles, Strawberry Milkshake Bottles, Jelly Snakes, Giant Foam Teeth, Fizzy Watermelon Slices, Fizzy Peaches, Fizzy Twin Cherries & Swirly Fish

Milos mouthwatering mix is perfect for sharing! Contained in a super resealable pouch & once you are done, you can compost it! 

Caution! Milos Range of Pick N' Mix is soo good, its addicitve!


Always check the ingredients & allergens at the back of the pouch, once receiving.

If you have any concerns regarding the ingredients within our collection, please contact us!

All of Milos pouches are 100% home compostable, recyclable & biodegradable. Each pouch is made to self-degrade within 12 months from the date of production.