Sour Patch Kids Strawberry (102g)

Sour Patch Kids Strawberry (102g)

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SOUR PATCH KIDS Strawberry Soft & Chewy Candy tempts your taste buds with a twist on a classic flavor. Intense strawberry flavor gives this soft candy a mischievous flavor that's SOUR. SWEET. GONE. This SOUR THEN SWEET candy looks as good as it tastes with its strawberry shape that separates it from the classic SOUR PATCH KIDS candy. This fat free strawberry candy is the perfect movie candy, after school snack or special occasion treat. 

Always check the ingredients & allergens at the back of the pouch, once receiving.

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All of Milos pouches are 100% home compostable, recyclable & biodegradable. Each pouch is made to self-degrade within 12 months from the date of production.