Sour Patch Kids Peach (102g)

Sour Patch Kids Peach (102g)

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SOUR PATCH KIDS Peach Soft and Chewy Candy tempts your taste buds with a twist on a classic flavor. These new and deliciously juicy fruit-shaped chewy candies are sweet and fruity, with just a little bit of sour. The fun peach shape adds excitement to your snacking, and the delicious peach flavor adds summery flare to snack bowls anytime of year. This sour candy is a great SOUR THEN SWEET treat end to your day, and it's a fun soft candy to serve at birthday parties, holiday celebrations and game nights. SOUR PATCH KIDS peach candy also makes a great movie theater candy to snack on during your favorite flick. Each bag of these SOUR PATCH KIDS candies is sealed to ensure each piece stays soft, chewy and full of peach flavor.

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