Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry (102g)

Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry (102g)

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SOUR.SWEET.GONE. Enjoy Blue SOUR PATCH KIDS Soft & Chewy bagged candy whenever you want a SOUR THEN SWEET treat. SOUR PATCH KIDS Blue Raspberry Candy can also turn any occasion into a party when you use them as party favors to celebrate birthday, parties, or enjoy them anytime you want a sweet treat. This bagged candy comes sealed to maintain its signature softness and SOUR THEN SWEET candy flavor. FEELING BLUE? You’re not alone, so is the rest of the country! America has decided Blue SOUR PATCH KIDS soft and chewy candy is their favorite color too! Grab a bag and settle in for movie night, fill a bowl for a get-together, or just enjoy them on the go!

Always check the ingredients & allergens at the back of the pouch, once receiving.

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All of Milos pouches are 100% home compostable, recyclable & biodegradable. Each pouch is made to self-degrade within 12 months from the date of production.