MOGU MOGU - Strawberry Juice with Nata De Coco (320ml)

MOGU MOGU - Strawberry Juice with Nata De Coco (320ml)

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Mogu Mogu strawberry drink is a popular fruit-flavoured beverage known for its unique texture and refreshing taste. The drink is made by combining strawberry juice with chunks of chewy, translucent jelly that is made from coconut pulp. The jelly pieces give the drink a distinctive texture that is both refreshing and satisfying to drink.

When you first open a bottle of Mogu Mogu strawberry drink, you’ll notice a sweet, fruity aroma that is reminiscent of fresh strawberries. The drink itself is a bright pink colour that is characteristic of strawberry juice. As you take a sip, you’ll notice the soft, chewy jelly pieces, which provide a fun and playful texture to the drink.

Sooo what is Mogu Mogu? A unique combination of real fruit juice and chewy nata de coco makes Mogu Mogu a delicious, healthy, and fun beverage experience, created in Thailand!

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