Milos Fudgetastic Mix

Milos Fudgetastic Mix

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Milos Fudgetastic Mix! FORGET WHAT YOU KNOW! A 'Fudgetastically' unique mix of the most premium, lush & delicious fudge! You will NOT want to put this pouch down, consisting of Belgian Chocolate Fudge, Baileys & White Chocolate, Vanilla Fudge & more mouthwatering fudge types!

Milos Fudgetastic Mix Contains:

Chocolate Fudge, Caramel & Sea Salt, Vanilla Fudge, Belgian Chocolate, Baileys & White Chocolate, Vanilla Chocolate Fudge, Butterscotch Cream Fudge

Milos mouthwatering mix is perfect for sharing! Contained in a super resealable pouch & once you are done, you can compost it! 

Caution! Milos Range of Pick N' Mix is soo good, its addicitve!

Always check the ingredients & allergens at the back of the pouch, once receiving.

If you have any concerns regarding the ingredients within our collection, please contact us!

All of Milos pouches are 100% home compostable, recyclable & biodegradable. Each pouch is made to self-degrade within 12 months from the date of production.