Mike & Ike Mega Mix (141g)

Mike & Ike Mega Mix (141g)

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Turn up the flavor to TEN and get your taste buds ready for the insane fruity, chewy taste of MIKE AND IKE® Mega Mix! MIKE AND IKE® Mega Mix assorted candy is loaded with TEN INSANE fruity, chewy flavors including Caribbean Punch, Strawberry-Banana, Paradise Punch, Grape Soda, Kiwi-Banana, Mango Delight, Watermelon, Pineapple Banana, Peach Berry, and Blue Raspberry — and all of these great tasting flavors come in a 5 ounce theater size box! Enjoy the great taste of Mega Mix one at a time, or mix 'em up to create your own unique flavor combination. What’s your favorite way to snack on your favorite flavors of Mega Mix? Add a few boxes to your cart and enjoy ‘em as the perfect shareable candy for movie night, to keep you energized during online gameplay or for an anytime snack! MIKE AND IKE® Mega Mix is also fat free, gluten free and kosher!

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